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This week, Francisco Borja, Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States, subscribed the Loan Agreement with the World Bank to finance the project “Supporting Education Reform in Targeted Circuits”, for a total amount of 178.000.000,00 USD. The education reform is part of the Macro-Project “New Education Infrastructure” which will be managed by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education.

The aim of this ambitious project is to increase enrollment in early education and improve the persistence rate in lower secondary education and upper secondary education in the targeted circuits.

The project consists of two main phases that include improving schools services in targeted circuits and strengthening planning, management and evaluation capacity at the Education Ministry.

The project includes, among others, provision of support for the technical design, construction and supervision of school hubs in the targeted circuits, including the construction of new schools, renovations and expansions. Also, provision of support for in-service teacher training in the targeted circuits and finance for teachers to enroll in graduate programs. Principals and school authorities will also benefit in taking part of graduate programs in school management provided by selected accredited institutions.

“Supporting Education Reform in Targeted Circuits” also seeks to provide support for students with disabilities and special education through the provision of technical, didactic and disability specific education materials including the provision of teacher training in pedagogy on educational needs that arise in the course of a student’s individual development.

Lastly, the funds will also be used for the implementation of campaigns to promote the enrollment of children with disabilities in educational facilities, in tune with the social inclusion policies of the national government.