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Yesterday, the Embassy of Ecuador in the United States celebrated the 206th Anniversary of the First Cry of Independence of the Republic of Ecuador. The reception was held in the Hall of the Americas at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Ambassador Francisco Borja addressed the audience in a speech in which he recalled the importance of the Ecuadorian independence movement to the independence movements in Latin America. Ambassador Borja also noted that Ecuador’s philosophy of Good Living has made the country a model for development in Latin America and around the world.

The reception, adorned with colorful Ecuadorian flowers donated by Expoflores, was attended by various authorities including the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro who presented a few special remarks to commemorate Ecuador’s independence. The audience, composed of members of the diplomatic corps, government authorities and special guests enjoyed traditional music and special performances while learning about Ecuador’s culture. Diplomatic representatives of the United States included Patricia Fietz, US Consul General of Guayaquil and Deputy Assistant Secretary for South America Alex Lee.

All guests were treated to the delicious dishes prepared by Ecuadorian Chef Juan José Aniceto, who offered an exquisite menu of traditional Ecuadorian food from his research project “Cocinas Ancestrales”. The menu featured the very best of Ecuadorian export products including first class quality shrimp donated by the National Acuaculture Chamber of Ecuador.

Avant-garde Ecuadorian food was prepared with product brands including the award-winning Pacari chocolate, high- quality organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador. Guests also tasted delicious cocktails made with Solbeso, premium white liquor distilled from the Ecuadorian cocoa fruit and Runa Tea, a beverage made with guayusa leaves from the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.