Monday 19th of February 2018 | Spanish | English

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Today, the Embassy of Ecuador in the United States hosted the annual Consul General two-day conference, a series of meetings that bring together the 11 Ecuadorian Consul Generals in the U.S. to put them up to date on immigrant labor rights, equal opportunity employment laws, and census data related to the Ecuadorian community in the United States.

The General Consul conference is designed to discuss new and improved ways the Ecuadorian Consulates can better serve the Ecuadorian community living in their consular jurisdiction. The goal is for them to educate their corresponding constituents on existing opportunities and services that will foster a better living environment in both their home and workplace.

In line with the ongoing commitment that the Embassy of Ecuador in the United States has to the Ecuadorian community living in the United States, the Embassy has enlisted the support of the Departments of Justice to host a workshop on the rights of Ecuadorian migrant workers. Additionally, this workshop will also inform the consul generals on housing rights, public access, and means through which to enforce these rights.

This year’s conference also features presentations by representatives from the United States Census Bureau, Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, and the Ministry of Foreign relations. These workshops will inform the Consul Generals on the programs and services available to the Ecuadorian immigrants in the United States so they may disseminate this information through their corresponding networks.

The information provided in these workshops sheds light on the challenges and opportunities Ecuadorian immigrants are currently facing in the United States to prompt the consul generals to find feasible and effective solutions to address them. The end goal is for the consulates to implement efficient actions to support the Ecuadorian immigrant community residing in the United States.