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Ecuador introduces FEEL AGAIN, the second phase of the country’s “All You Need is Ecuador” international tourism promotional efforts

The Embassy of Ecuador in the United States and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism officially launched in Washington, D.C. “FEEL AGAIN”, the second stage of the All You Need is Ecuador international tourism campaign. By showcasing Ecuador’s brand in the Washington’s metro and bus system with prominent advertisements over the summer, the campaign invites travelers to experience Ecuador in a more unique and personal way, and promotes Ecuador as a destination where tourists can reconnect with nature and themselves—from the Amazon to the Galapagos, and from the Pacific Coast to the Andes mountains.

Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United States, Francisco Borja, said, “These sustained tourism promotional efforts are part of the Ecuadorian Government’s broader strategy to transition away from oil-based revenues and diversify the economy. Focusing on tourism is part of a long-term plan to increase bilateral trade and strengthen the ties between the peoples of our two countries.”

The Washington, D.C. portion of the FEEL AGAIN campaign features seven double-decker tour buses decorated with colorful ads that showcase famous tourist destinations. The buses will be visible throughout the city, taking tourists to landmark locations around the nations capital from July 6th until the first week of August. The D.C campaign also includes 100 (25% of all metro cars) floor-to-ceiling panel ads in the D.C. Metro System.

Later this July, the Embassy of Ecuador will also host a roundtable in Washington, D.C. where Ambassador Francisco Borja will meet with tourist operators, media, and cultural organizations from the DMV area. The discussion will be centered on the FEEL AGAIN campaign and why Ecuador is a world-class tourist destination that has a lot to offer for travel, businesses, and tourism.

The campaign is a continuation of the country’s $28 million global promotion efforts in 2015, which have included the first-ever foreign-sponsored Super Bowl halftime commercial, as well as ads in TV, online, and public events in key U.S. markets, including New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, and California.

As a result of the successful All You Need Is Ecuador campaign, along with the increased investment in a state-of-the-art tourist infrastructure in the country, Ecuador has witnessed an increase in the country’s tourism industry. In 2014, the tourism sector in Ecuador contributed $1.5billion(USD) to the country’s economy, equivalent to 5% of GDP, making it Ecuador’s third largest industry. Ecuador also welcomed 259,468 US visitors in 2014, a 5% increase from the previous year.