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Message from Ambassador Francisco Borja in Commemoration of the Battle of Pichincha

Today, we commemorate the 193rd anniversary of the heroic battle of Pichincha where the Ecuadorian people brought about the liberation of the country.

In this date, we commemorate the liberation of our land and our people, but there is a battle that we are still fighting and that’s the one for the progress of our country.

In recent years, our country has fought for a better Ecuador, where we’ve eradicated poverty with health and education. An Ecuador of equal opportunities, equity, inclusion, full employment, and justice services.

Ecuador has already changed and we are still pursuing new opportunities and development. We are a country of achievements but also a country of change.

During this May 24th, let’s celebrate our freedom and continue the fight to consolidate our achievements.

Francisco Borja
Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States