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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Latin America’s most prominent indigenous leader Rigoberta Menchú will address hundreds of citizens scheduled to demonstrate tomorrow at 10:00 am at Edward Murrow Park, in front of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, ICSID, located inside the World Bank Building, to express their support to the Ecuadorian state regarding the accusations and demands made by Chevron-Texaco.

In this venue, the hearing of the Arbitration Tribunal responsible for the process initiated by Chevron-Texaco against Ecuador, will begin. This hearing will be decisive in matters of justice and transnational accountability for mass environmental and human rights violations.

In an attempt to evade justice and accountability, Chevron-Texaco is trying to discredit Ecuador’s legal system, which issued a sentence in 2013 obligating the transnational oil company to pay for the human and environmental damages caused during its oil extraction operations between 1964 and 1990 in Ecuador’s Amazon region.

Mrs. Menchú, also President of the International High-Level Commission in support to the initiatives related to transnationals led by Ecuador, will also speak at the “Ecuador: Transnational companies and human rights” forum that will take place Washington, DC’s International Trade Center’s Amphitheater at 2:30 pm. Mexican Professor and Researcher, Ana Esther Ceceña, will also participate in this forum.

Prior to April 21 events, Ecuador participated in the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Festival, in Washington DC, to raise awareness of Chevron’s environmental pollution in the Amazon and receive support to the Ecuadorian state from the accusations and demands presented by Chevron-Texaco.