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The Embassy of Ecuador to the U.S. announced the launching of “First Class Shrimp”, a marketing campaign by the Ecuador’s National Chamber of Aquaculture, aimed to promoting Ecuador’s shrimp as a world-class product.

Ecuador has gained a foothold in the market with a 40-year track record in eco-friendly shrimp production and it is now looking to grow its distribution overseas. The first ever organic-certified shrimp farm in the world is located in Ecuador and its shrimp production has been recognized in more than 50 countries.

“We want the whole world to know that our shrimp is First-Class,” said former Ambassador of Ecuador to the U.S., Nathalie Cely during the official reception where shrimp was featured last week “Ecuadorian shrimp is the first non-oil export product of our country with more than USD 2,5000 million exported in 2014. More than 90% of the country’s shrimp producers have international certifications that attest to our best aquaculture practices.”

Ecuador is pioneer in shrimp production with more than 40 years of investigation and scientific development in different areas. First class shrimp means that Ecuadorian shrimp is being produced under the best aquaculture practices, according to national and international regulations and being socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

“We are the 3rd shrimp provider to the United States, the first to the European Union, and a very important provider to Asia as well,” said José Antonio Camposano, President of Ecuador’s Chamber of Aquaculture. “Our low-density production system (8 to 15 larvae per sqm) allows our shrimp to have more space and grow with the less possible stress, which assures a better quality of the product”. These, and many others qualities, sustain our industry and give us the opportunity to offer the US consumers First Class Shrimp!

To learn more about the quality of Ecuadorian shrimp and the high standards used in its production, visit: