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The President of the Republic, Rafael Correa, highlighted the friendly conduct his administration aspires to have with the United States government headed by Barack Obama. “That is the fraternal relation we long for, as well as one that reaffirms our sovereign will to never allow violation of our sovereignty, nor inquiries, information requisitions, foreign military bases, or false protectorates”, Correa stated.

These statements were made during the official opening ceremony of the new headquarters of the Attorney General’s Office, where he further added “this proposal rests and is implied on any relation of respect between two countries, regardless of their might.”

Likewise, President Correa brought to mind the communiqué received from the President of the United States, Barack Obama, thanking for the letter of congratulation sent by the Government of Ecuador, which states: “I am confident that we can work together in a spirit peace and friendship to build a safer world. It is exactly our intention to work for peace and, as we have said many times, work for freedom, always knowing that there is no freedom without justice.”

Source: Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador / Presidential Press