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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration has reported that today Mr. Julian Assange of Australian nationality, and residing in the UK, presented himself at the Embassy of Ecuador in London asking for government protection of Ecuador, arguing that due to a “regrettable effective statement of abandonment received from the authorities of my country, Australia, which state that they will not defend my minimum guarantees before any government and delegated to the constitution of a foreign country that applies the death penalty for the crime of espionage and treason, and the guarantees it offers to its nationals, ignoring their obligation to protect its citizen, who is persecuted politically. Such statements make it impossible for me to return to my home country and put me in a state of helplessness to be requested for questioning by the Kingdom of Sweden, where its top officials have openly attacked me, and investigated for political crimes in the United States of America, a country where the death penalty for such offenses is still in force. “

The Government of Ecuador is evaluating the request of Mr. Julian Assange and any decision on it will be taken into account respecting the rules and principles of International Law as well as the traditional Ecuadorian policy of safeguarding Human Rights.

The Foreign Ministry has officially informed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about this situation through the Embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom and the British Diplomatic Mission in Quito.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration