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Yesterday, the Embassy of Ecuador in Washington DC opened the exhibit “From Carchi to the World.” The exhibit is a multifaceted display of artisan products, carpets, photography, and food from Carchi. The exhibit is open to the public until July 30th.

The Charge D’Affairs of Ecuador in the United States, Efraín Baus, spoke at the event’s opening reception about how Carchi is a significant part of the rich culture of Ecuador. Likewise, Steve Vergara, the Executive President of the CODESTAEE Corporation, an organization that works to promote development in the Carchi provence, related how this art being presented in Washington is inspired by the creations by the population of Pueblo Pasto that are characterized by a high quality of sensitivity with nature and the environment.

On top of appreciating the art from Carchi, the public in the American Capitol got to experience the typical foods from Carchi. At the event’s opening reception, Wilfrido Melo and architect Diego Escorza were in attendance. They are both Carchi artists that have studied the Pre-Columbian cultures of Ecuador, especially from the plains in its different phases, along with its ceramics and how the different colors contribute to the culture. Their stories and presence greatly contributed to the success of the exhibit’s opening reception.

Washington DC, July 1st 2011