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Las profesoras Magaly Díaz y Fabiola Cordero

Las profesoras Magaly Díaz y Fabiola Cordero

On Wednesday May 18th the International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP) sponsored by the State Department had its graduation ceremony. The goal of this program is to master teaching English, learning about different educational systems, and the process of learning and teaching. The professors had been studying since January at various universities throughout the United States.

Of the more than 70 participants in the programs hailing from 15 countries, Ecuador had two representatives in professors Fabiola Cordero Córdova (Colegio Cruz del Sur de Guayaquil) and Magaly Díaz Velasteguí (Colegio Manuela Cañizares de Quito), who completed their studies at Kent State University in Ohio.

Ecuador’s participation in this program had a positive effect not just on the quality of education in Ecuadorian schools, but it also helps teach the teachers how to adapt these new techniques into Ecuador’s national school curriculum. This program also allowed the teachers to gain first hand experience in academic and official circles in US universities, which will be valuable upon their return to Ecuador.

Finally, Ecuador is proud to participate in this State Department program and it shows the revitalization of public diplomatic ties between the United States and Ecuador.

Washington DC, May 11, 2011