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Saturday, April 9th, 2011

We’re sad to see Ecuador’s ambassador Luis Gallegos sent packing from Washington, the latest casualty in the WikiLeaks controversy.

In a previous posting, he chaired the UN’s Ad Hoc Committee on a Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, granting recognition to the struggles and rights of a community that numbers more than 650 million worldwide. He once said, “Society has to recognize that it should not exclude persons with disabilities. This is a very important group of people, representing ten percent of the world’s population.”

He had a big challenge in Washington, too – representing a small country, fighting alongside a tiny but effective staff, challenging the indifference or biases of policy makers, often facing an army of U.S. lobbyists, on issues ranging from trade to immigration, to the rights of diplomats to the war on drugs, to the grievous environmental damage Ecuador suffered at the hands of Chevron. He did this and more with a lowered voice, an incisive mind, and an abiding sense of humor, which he needed.

We will miss him.


Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Dear Compatriots,

Upon completing my diplomatic Mission in the United States, which began October 3, 2005, I do not wish to depart without reaffirming my sincere gratitude for your constant support in the defense of the highest interests of the country, in representing Ecuador, and in the work that day to day we have carried out so that, with your invaluable support, the message of our country has had a constant presence not only in the different instances of the Federal Administration and local government, but also in the distinct sectors of the civil society, forums, universities and in the society as a whole.

During my stay at the Embassy of Ecuador in the United States we have lived moments of enormous satisfaction, others more difficult, and we have gone together overcoming all the challenges that we have had to face. Ahead we have another greater challenge, which I hope we will overcome in the eagerness that exists between Ecuador and the United States a relationship of mutual respect, benefit and collaboration, as is simply logical.

I depart with the satisfaction of having honored, to the best of my abilities, the confidence entrusted in me by the President of the Republic and I reiterate my commitment to continue working with the same commitment to service to the country that I have tried to procure during the 45 years of my diplomatic career.

To you, dear compatriots, once again my gratitude for the innumerable shows of support that I have received and my recognition of your work far from Ecuador, whereby each day you elevate more the name of the Homeland.

With heartfelt sentiments of gratitude,

Luis Gallegos


Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino explained that the Government of the United States decided to declare the Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States, Luis Gallegos, persona non grata. He is currently preparing to return to Ecuador.

The Ambassador was called to the United States Department of State to inform him about the decision. The document presented to the diplomat is similar to that which Ecuador presented to the United States Ambassador Heather Hodges, both of which are based on Article 9 of the Vienna Convention, establishing the declaration of “persona non grata”. President Rafael Correa knows about this decision.

“Our Ambassador has told us that Under Secretary Arturo Valenzuela expressed that he laments having to make this decision but that there was no alternative, but these are normal diplomatic procedures, so it is possible that we can maintain the level of cordial relations that we have had. We hope that in a few weeks we can reinitiate dialogue with the United States and move past this moment,” said the Minister.

Regarding the case of the return of Ambassador Gallegos, the Government of the United States has not established a timeline for the Ambassador to leave the country, though it prefers he do so in as little time as possible.


Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

This is a lamentable situation , but as the Minister of Foreign Relations stated today’s response is aimed solely at the individual involved, Ambassador Heather Hodges, and not toward the United States Government or the Obama Administration.

Relations between our two countries continue to be strong and based on mutual respect and cooperation. It is unfortunate that the published documents on Wikileaks have made it impossible to continue collaborating with the current ambassador to Quito, but we hope to work with a new ambassador and any other appropriately designated U.S. government officials.

Washington DC, April 5, 2011

Condolences to family of Anthony Collao

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

After the murder last week of Anthony Collao, an Ecuadorian citizen living in Long Island, NY, The Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Anthony Collao.

Anthony Collao, an 18-year-old, was beaten outside a party in Queens on Saturday and died after being taken off life support on Monday.

“We are extremely saddened and distraught by this despicable act,” said Luis Gallegos, Ecuador’s Ambassador to the United States. “We stand in solidarity with the Callao family and fully expect the murderers to be brought to justice. Intolerance and violence must be erradicated ir order to promote peaceful coexistence”.

Washington DC, March 24, 2011